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octopus indonesia - PT. Agrita Best Seafood is an octopus indonesia specialized processing and trading company. Established in 2010 as an octopus trading company in Jakarta, its currently provide products for exports to different markets in USA, Europe, South East Asia, and Japan.
Since May 2020 we already granted our HACCP & FDA to be able increasing quality standard and cut off distribution chain for to maintain fair trade price to the Octopus Indonesia FISHERMEN AND TO OUR BUYER.


  • Intensive Training to all our partners and team member to be more professional and follow to HACCP standard.
  • Changing habits and build awareness of healthy and clean life style starts from the work place for the Employee & Suppliers.
  • Bring a good working enviroment to our partner and team member.
  • Balancing and managing the business in a good way for caring also on the sustainability issues and maintain the supply to be in the right numbers for stability market price in order to not hurt everyone ( especially fishermen ).


Purchase and produce only “nature” size octopus by minimum purchasing size 500 gr UP. Pursuing the fishermen to not over fishing “octopus” by fishing only BIG sizes Octopus by giving them BEST DEAL price for 2KG-UP.
Octopus Indonesia - Improving Sustainable fishing teachniques in order to maintain Low cost, healthy and safe life fishing and rebuild overfished stocks, reduce bycatch, and protect essential fish habitats by Introducing new octopus catching tools that have been successfully proven in Japan and Europe which is “Octopus Pot Trap “.


Maintain quality standard products as we only concentrate in Cephalopod products in our processing plants. Concentrating in long term business and trust from our buyers in a way no cheating, no trick, guarantee assurance.
Giving buyer Fair and best price as the efficiency comes to cut off the supply chain cost.

Improving the business way as we try our best to maintain our buyers sustainability business as well with their customers.

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Our Product

Frozen Octopus is a good way to make sure your octopus is tenderize. The texture of frozen octopus will be more tender and tasty for your guests. On top of that, buying frozen octopus allow you to store it longer. And finally, you can find the product you prefer, from the whole octopus to the slices pre-cooked and frozen. Read more

Our Gallery

Our Gallery

Frozen Octopus
Frozen Octopus
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Flower IQF Octopus
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Takoyaki Cut Octopus