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NEW !! Tradition Of Clean Monday
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Traditions of Clean Monday – Also known as Orthodox Shrove Monday or Ash Monday. In Cyprus, the holiday may be called ‘Green Monday’.

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The Clean Monday celebration has as its main activity, kite flying

The Clean Monday celebration has as its main activity, kite flying. When the weather permits, young and old, family and friends go to the countryside and try to fly a kite. Usually, we will also find traditional Greek music and various events organized by public authorities.

In the past, kites were handmade by the father or grandfather of the family. In that way, the art of making kites is passed down from generation to generation to new generations, so that this culture is still alive. Nowadays, most of the people buy kites instead of making them. Either way, the results are still beautiful and a great bonding activity for the family.
What is meant by flying a kite? China was the first country to claim the copyright of a handmade kite. Through commercial routes, and especially through the silk trade, the art of kite making, traveled to Europe. For the Orthodox Christian church, the kite symbolizes the human soul, which flies freely in the sky and is pure to meet the Creator. Through this process, believers prepare for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the Orthodox Easter.

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