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STP Fest IPB 2023 +62 812 1911 8939

Signing MOU for WHS PT.Agrita Best Seafood and Fishlog for managing Inventory System and Supply Chain Cooperation STP FEST 2023 IPB 2023

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Sealing The Meeting New Contract +62 812 1911 8939

With ITPC Vancouver Canada Business matching @ the 38th Trade Expo Indonesia 2023 sealing the meeting with new contracts

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PT. Agrita The Best Octopus Supplier from Indonesia +62 812 1911 8939

Best Octopus Supplier- PT. Agrita is a leading company in Indonesia engaged in the fishing industry, especially in providing high quality octopus.

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Pengawasan unit usaha pengolahan hasil perikanan
PT. Agrita Best Seafood
Lowolabo, Kec. Paga – Kab, Sikka

PSKDP Kupang melakukan pengawasan unit usaha pengolahan hasil perikanan milik PT. Agrita Best Seafood

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Best Moment Creative Financing

Best Moment Creative Financing towords Sustainable Fishery Management in a Post-COVID Seafood Sector

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New !! Best Octopus Exporter | +62 812 1911 8939

Best Octopus Exporter From Indonesia PT. Agrita Best Seafood is a best octopus exporter company that is one of the largest octopus producers in Indonesia, with a wide market share in Europe, USA, South East Asia, and Japan.

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The Best Indonesian Commodity Octopus | +62 812 1911 8939.

The Best Indonesian Commodity Octopus From Maumere Fishermen ( Best Octopus Indonesia ) - PT. Agrita Best Seafood Exports octopus caught by fishermen to different markets in Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, and Japan

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New !! Fishery Improvement Project.

Quoted from Fishery Progress.org, Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) is a forum for information on the progress of Fishery Improvement Projects (FIP) around the world. Where in this site explains how PT. Agrita Best Seafood can get the best octopus commodities without reducing the quality.

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Nature Friendly Fishing Gear

Nature Friendly Fishing Gear - In catching octopus, fishermen still use traditional methods. Environmentally friendly octopus fishing can certainly maintain the sustainability of the octopus. The intended fishing gear is an octopus fishing gear that does not damage coral reefs with a simple catch concept but still optimal in terms of catching octopus.

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New !! Traditions of Clean Monday | +62 812-1911-8939.

When is Traditions of Clean Monday? Traditions of Clean Monday - Also known as Orthodox Shrove Monday or Ash Monday. In Cyprus, the holiday may be called 'Green Monday'. Christians are not allowed to eat from midnight to noon and can have no meat at all. Christians are also expected to spend extra time praying during the day.

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New !! About Best Octopus Indonesia

About Best Octopus Indonesia - PT. Agrita Best Seafood is an octopus Indonesia specialized processing and trading company in Indonesia. Established in 2010 as an octopus trading company in Jakarta, its currently provide products for exports to different markets in USA, Europe, Korea, Australia, and Japan.

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New Octopus Freezing Process

Octopus Freezing Process - Fisheries in Indonesia have a very important position both in terms of economy, social, culture, and insight into the archipelago. Fisheries are a source of millions of income for fishermen, fish cultivators, fish processors, and fish traders.

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Best Quality By Our Fishermen

For some people who live on the coast, many depend on octopus fishing. The way our fishermen catch octopus in various ways, this is done in order to maintain the quality of the catch to get a high price and the best quality by our fishermen.

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Maumere Octopus Hunter

In general, Maumere Octopus Hunter in Indonesia, especially in Maumere, are dominated by men. Another thing about the Octopus Hunters in Maumere is that there are also women (women) who go hunting for octopuses.

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New !! What is Octopus

What is Octopus ? Quoted from Wikipedia Octopus is a mollusk from the class Cephalopoda (animal legs located on the head), the order Octopoda with coral reefs in the ocean as their main habitat. Octopuses reproduce by laying eggs, the number of eggs produced is quite a lot. The benefits that can be consumed Octopus contains vitamins, such as vitamin A and vitamin B12, as well as minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and iron.

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Improvement of Fisheries Human Resources

Improvement of Fisheries Human Resources is a program organized by the Jakarta Fisheries Business Expert Polytechnic. held on September 4, 2021 in collaboration with PT. Agrita Best Seafood. Octopus Indonesia Improvement of Fisheries Human Resources Support PT. Agrita Best Seafood As a big nation and to compete in the international world, education is needed to educate the nation's life.

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Octopus from Maumere

Octopus from Maumere Maumere, precisely in Sikka district, East Nusa Tenggara, is a haven for traditional fishermen who usually hunt octopuses and use fake octopuses as bait. The demand quota for octopus export commodities is getting higher on the world market, even though during the pandemic, export needs will still exist. The availability of octopus, especially in NTT, is very abundant, but exporters are still experiencing problems due to the lack of optimal supply from fishermen.

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Meloy Fund Corona Virus Fishermen Aid Stage 1

Corona Virus Fishermen Aid Stage 1 - Meloy Fund and PT. Agrita Best Seafood conduct donation on 11-16th April 2020 to local Fishermen in Maumere and Flores Area ( est +/-265 Fishermen ) as well the local community in order to supporting them during the Covid -19 Pandemic Difficult time.

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Meloy Fund Corona Virus Fishermen Aid Stage 2

Corona Virus Fishermen Aid Stage 2 - MELOY FUND CORONA VIRUS FISHERMEN AID This project is the 2nd stage program continues the stage 1 and enlarge the program to touch at least more than 2400 peoples from the 600 Indonesian fishermen family member.

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