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In general, Maumere Octopus Hunter in Indonesia, especially in Maumere, are dominated by men. Another thing about the Octopus Hunters in Maumere is that there are also women (women) who go hunting for octopuses.

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How the Hunter did it

The Maumere Octopus Hunter carry out their hunting using simple equipment, from swimming to walking on coral reefs. This is done at the expense of men, but many older women also do such things. Not only that, they also have to keep the canoe in the middle of the swift current.

The Right Time for Maumere Octopus Hunter in Action

One of the fishermen said that catching octopus is actually easier if it is done at low tide, or around full moon. Because it can be done on the shores only.
It’s not an easy thing to find an Octopus by doing traditional dives (without additional oxygen) like this, it takes patience and a long breath, as well as good stamina to get two to three Octopuses every day.

Changes in the way octopus catches

Maumere octopus hunters have been catching octopuses since 1960. The tools used at that time were still very simple. Fishermen in each village use different tools. For example, some use simple fishing rods and boats without engines, while fishermen in other villages use spears.

The volume of catches began to increase, felt by fishermen when they switched to using boat engines in the 1990s. The fishing gear used began to switch to using fishing gear made of stone covered by a dark cloth, then a kind of tool to catch the octopus chasing the pocong.

There are also fishermen who use a tool similar to a hook that is decorated like a crab, which is easier to use and can increase productivity and catch volume by up to 20 kilograms per day.

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