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NEW !! Improvement of Fisheries Human Resources
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Improvement of Fisheries Human Resources is a program organized by the Jakarta Fisheries Business Expert Polytechnic. held on September 4 – November 4, 2021 in collaboration with PT. Agrita Best Seafood (Octopus Indonesia).

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Support PT. Agrita Best Seafood (Octopus Indonesia)

As a big nation and to compete in the international world, education is needed to educate the nation’s life. Having knowledge and character and skills, especially in the fisheries and marine sector, as we know most of Indonesia’s territory consists of oceans and of course the exploration of marine products is the most important thing.

Export of Indonesian Octopus

Indonesian octopus is the main export commodity of PT. Agrita where the demand for octopus is very large even in a pandemic like now. However, the demand is not commensurate with the current price decline.

In response to this, Octopus Indonesia, in this case PT. Agrita Best Seafood embraces octopus fishermen, and provides education and keeps them motivated to increase their income.


From the evaluation results and the available data, it can be concluded that the potential and presence of octopus is very abundant. The problem is that there are still very few fishermen who specialize in catching octopus.

Besides, the classic problem that arises is the lack of adequate facilities and infrastructure for fishermen. In this case, the importance of education for fishermen as well as spiritual and capital assistance to fulfill fishermen’s equipment.

Hope PT. Agrita and Fishermen

In general, the activities carried out by the Jakarta Fisheries Business Expert Polytechnic have opened a hope and hope, especially for PT. Agrita and fishermen in improving human resources and improving the standard of living of fishermen.

Through these experts, they can help fishermen on how to improve the quality of their catch. Of course, education about local wisdom and how the fishermen do not disturb the habitat of the octopus. There is nothing but the preservation of the octopus ecosystem so that catches increase and have high economic value

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