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Corona Virus Fishermen Aid Stage 2 - MELOY FUND CORONA VIRUS FISHERMEN AID This project is the 2nd stage program continues the stage 1 and enlarge the program to touch at least more than 2400 peoples from the 600 Indonesian fishermen family member.

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“TETAP SEMANGAT,PRODUKTIF, DAN AMAN BERDAMA DENGAN COVID-19 , LINDUNGI DIRI, LINDUNGI SESAMA, DAN LINDUNGI ALAM KITA.” PT. Agrita Best seafood supported in the distribution and allocation in order to maintain transparent, safe, and reliable donation recipient follow to the government healthy protocols regulation.

Give personal food supply, and portable hand washing station to:
  1. 300 fishermen in Flores Island, NTT Province , on 4th July 2020.
  2. 300 Fishermen in Binuangeun Village ,Lebak Banten Province, on 30th June 2020.

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