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For some people who live on the coast, many depend on octopus fishing. The way our fishermen catch octopus in various ways, this is done in order to maintain the quality of the catch to get a high price and the best quality by our fishermen

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Best Quality By Our Fisherman Drives Market Demand

Best Quality by Our Fishermen, causing the demand quota for export commodities of marine products, octopus
(octopus flower), to be higher in the world market. Even during the current COVID-19 pandemic, the need for octopus exports is still there. Unfortunately, the supply from fishermen has not met market demand.

For the best quality, first-class exports and the highest purchase price of all octopus exporters. Economically the octopus is very profitable. With a comparison of economic value, octopus should be one of the main commodities in Maumere, especially based on the potential map, the population of octopus is very high around Maumere.

Again, exporters are still experiencing problems. Especially regarding the number of fishermen who specialize in catching octopus.

Octopus Freezing Method for Best Quality

Freezing is a way of preserving food by freezing the material at a temperature below the freezing point of the food.

Freezing is a way of preserving food by freezing ingredients at temperatures below the freezing point of food. In this way the activity of enzymes and microorganisms can be inhibited or stopped so as to maintain food quality.

HACCP Standard Implementation

We apply quality standards such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) which can be used as a benchmark for the quality of a country’s fishery products because these standards adequately represent the quality of international fisheries.

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